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A Day In The Life Of A Successful Realtor


Real Estate Career Is Exciting and Challenging

Every real estate agent handles his or her own business slightly different; however, a reality of the job is that you are always working.

There are agents who turn their phones off after 5 p.m. and do not work weekends, but not super successful real estate agents. Clients who work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. expect a call before or after work.

Many agents show properties on holidays, write up offers on weekends and some even seek legal counsel on behalf of their client(s).

This is a very unconventional but rewarding career.

When most people think of what a REALTOR® does, they most likely think about them only showing property. While that can take up a large part of the day, a REALTOR’S® job is a lot more involved; prospecting, evaluating marketing strategies, preparing for the year ahead, working on a business plan, and always trying to meet new clients. Other responsibilities include being present at property inspections, maintaining perfect records, coordinating photography, previewing new listings, going on broker tours, helping to clean and prepare homes for sale, and staging furniture.


If we had to make a list of priorities based on importance, it would look something like this:


This is the most important activity you will be doing on any given day; creating business through referrals and direct buyer & seller contacts, sixty-two percent of Real Estate agents spend more than an hour a day prospecting. Prospecting for Real Estate buyers and sellers requires positive expectations.

It requires a positive-results mindset, in part to overcome the influences of all the other agents who don’t prospect, don’t value prospecting, and stand by to negatively influence your vision and expectation of success.

In its most basic sense, prospecting involves finding people to do business with.

Schedule a Minimum of Two-Hours a Day for Phone Calls

Make your phone calls in the morning while you and your referrals are both fresh and alert. Treat your prospecting time with the same respect you would give to any other important appointment. This is not the time to check your e-mails, get on Facebook, make personal phone calls or chat with your associates.

Avoid the temptation to try and sell your product or service over the phone. Your objective for every phone call is to create interest, gather information and at best make an appointment. If your prospect asks you a question, get in the habit of going for an appointment rather than giving a quick response.


Becoming involved in your community, business groups, faith based fellowships, sports teams, etc. is a great way to start networking. You give back and build relationships along the way. Real Estate agents typically work in an office with other agents and brokers and have many opportunities to discuss new listings, get updates on listings, and discuss buyer’s and seller’s needs. Another option that agents utilize to narrow down a search for a buyer or to perform research on the competition for sellers is the MLS tour. This allows agents and brokers to quickly gather first-hand knowledge on several available properties in the local market.

Skill Building

You practicing your real estate craft; from dialog practice to technology and marketing tools, you need to practice to become better.


Involves continuing education, broker classes, seminars, reading articles and blogs. Although continuing education is a requirement to maintain a real estate license, it is also an opportunity to develop the skills that will keep an agent at the top of their game or open a door to new real estate opportunities within the regional or local market. Continual development is crucial to long-term success of real estate agents and brokers. Continuing education not only widens their scope of expertise, but it also improves their proficiency, knowledge, and marketability as a real estate professional.


Involves working with someone who has a real estate need.  This is the face to face contact associated with becoming a real estate agent. Prospecting, networking and skill building will all generate interested buyers and sellers.